Hawaii Postcard: Black Sand Beach

Hawaii Postcard: Black Sand Beach

Punaluu beach was our last stop on our drive around the island of Hawaii and I can’t imagine leaving without seeing it. It’s pretty remarkable how vastly the climate and landscape changes from town to town. We had just finished touring the sulfuric, charred setting of  Volcano’s National Park and that region’s misty rain followed us to the black sand of Punalu’u. But I traveled a near 5,000 miles to stick my toes in some black sand and a little rain wasn’t about to stop me! So I dragged my tireless Instagram Husband out of the comfort of our rental and we documented our brief detour to the moodiest beach of all beaches. The sand was surprisingly fine and soft. I’ll never forget the way it felt to sit there without abandon on a beach born out of ashes, those cool Hawaii rain drops washing over me before sinking back into the sea.



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